Enterprise Software Advisor

Optimising the value of enterprise software solutions

Enterprise Software Advisor is a configuration of Creative Collaboration that allows organisations to maximise the benefits from major investments in enterprise software with the help of our transdisciplinary Model Oriented Domain Analysis and Engineering (MODA + MODE) methodology. Our approach combines the experience of your team(s) with the collective industry and technology experience of our enterprise solution advisors.

The Enterprise Software Advisor service catalyses organisational learning and the incremental development of optimal solution designs with the help of three complementary workshop formats:

  1. Open Space workshops, to power a continuous knowledge creation spiral that breaks through the barriers of established disciplines, management structures, groupthink, and physical distance – we have been facilitating online workshops with our customers and with solution vendors since 2002
  2. Model Oriented Domain Analysis workshops, to question implicit assumptions and to facilitate multisolving, assisted via online inquiry and access to our collective transdisciplinary knowledge from working with more than 100 organisations
  3. Validation and Steering workshops, to validate shared understanding, nurture mutual trust, assess risks and unknowns, overcome cultural inertia, and adjust priorities of programmes of work as needed

Our methodology offers a systematic approach for conducting commonality and variability analysis across organisational silos, markets, product lines, and supply chains.

Together with your team(s) we unlock the collective intelligence needed to translate the results of Model Oriented Domain Analysis into improved collaboration patterns, informed build vs. buy vs. subscribe decisions, and into innovative solution designs.

Our experienced solution advisors provide guidance on solution scoping and selection of best-of-breed technologies in multi-vendor environments. We assist your organisation through all phases of organisational and technological change:

  1. Economic ecosystem analysis and needs analysis
  2. Business case development for technology investments
  3. Conducting market scans and performing in-depth vendor evaluations
  4. Business case development for technology investments
  5. Facilitation of solution co-design with your teams (often in a multi-vendor environment)
  6. Regular formal validation of the the progress of implementation projects, to reduce uncertainty and potential misunderstandings between your organisation and vendors / implementers

Catalysing collective intelligence

We assist your organisation with regular workshops, with on-demand access to our solution advisors via our online inquiry service that is part of the Enterprise Software Advisor service, and with tools for activating collective intelligence, including a risk modelling framework and a backbone of 26 critical thinking tools.

Our experience with enterprise software solutions covers the following industries and sectors: manufacturing and logistics, industrial automation, construction, fast moving consumer goods, supply chain management, telecommunications, electricity distribution, insurance, government, and healthcare. In the latter sector we also operate as a best-of-breed software solution vendor.

In the construction sector, S23M closely tracks the evolution of relevant data exchange and software interoperability standards, including Building Information Modelling, Parametric Modelling, Systems Modelling, and emerging Digital Twin standards and products. Accordingly, S23M can advise on the adoption of de facto and de jure standards or can independently assess the level of standards compliance and other interoperability capabilities of solution vendors.

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