Recipe for Adaptive & Resilient Logistical Networks

The coordination of people, facilities, and resources is an ongoing challenge in a rapidly evolving economic and ecological context.

Logistical capabilities represent the glue in the value cycle that includes suppliers, internal operations, and customers.

We produce over 300,000 tonnes of ready-mix a year in Germany. With that volume, even a low error percentage still means a lot of mistakes. Now we have almost zero errors. We have eliminated almost all errors by moving data entry to the warehouse floor and scanning the goods. The barcode tags provide better tracing of the pallets and better shipping accuracy. Our inventory system is now real-time and up-to-date.

Case study related to MODA + MODE methodology and ERP solutions

Masaaki Imai - The definition of Kaizen

Kaizen is a process of lifelong learning and a never ending journey of quality improvements. It encompasses a tremendous amount of self-discipline and a commitment to

  • everyday improvement,
  • everybody improvement,
  • everywhere improvement.