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S23M Opportunities

Our company is growing in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. We build S23M around the skills, talents, and passions of the people within our team.

The breadth and depth of our service offering are a direct reflection of the diversity and the capability within our team. We are looking for talented professionals with expertise in one or more of our focus areas:

  • Innovation & New Product Development
  • Operational Excellence
  • Enterprise Software as a Service

We expect candidates to have a background in one or more of the following roles:

  • Consulting practice leader
  • Principal consultant or senior advisor with experience in pre-sales and in developing proposals
  • Executive manager in an organisation with 200 or more employees
  • SaaS product development manager or team leader with 5 years of experience in one industry, with current software development skills
  • Product manager with a 5 year track record of translating market needs into great products and delighted clients in a specific market segment

If your experience relates to industries that we already serve, there is an opportunity for you to join a high performance team that complements your expertise, and an opportunity for us to strengthen our capability.

If your experience relates to other industries, there is an opportunity for you to enrich your knowledge with practices from other industries, and an opportunity for us to expand the reach of our value propositions.

S23M is an entirely employee-owned organisation – a living company that is debt-free and unencumbered by interests of external investors. Our team of directors consists of partners who have worked together for seven years or longer, and who are committed to collaboration for life. The mutual trust within our team, in combination with the breadth and depth of our expertise, enables us to act quickly, and to make strategic business decisions with confidence.

We have earned a reputation as trusted advisors of our clients, and we expect candidates to have a solid track record in building and nurturing collaborative relationships with clients and suppliers.

All of us have highly complementary skills and talents. Together we can tackle complex engagements that none of us could ever deliver in isolation. We share our knowledge within the team, build up reusable assets, and translate our knowledge into tutorials and books, and into commercial SaaS products.

The factors that make being part of our team compelling and quite unique:

  • Self-management and continuous learning via a peer-to-peer advice process, which fully replaces traditional forms of people management and leadership
  • The ability to learn and develop personally each day, through close collaboration with colleagues and exposure to difficult business problems
  • Recognition of neurological differences as authentic and valuable sources of innovative potential
  • The opportunity to do important work which is highly valued by clients
  • Having the support and trust of your colleagues in an open environment which encourages the sharing of knowledge and ideas
  • Being able to shape the organisation based on your interests and passions and by acting as a positive role model
  • The interactions with a diverse range of people – in sales, pre-sales, and in consulting engagements and conferences such as CIIC
  • The possibility to effect positive change in society (for example, through CIIC)

Our on-boarding process is intentionally demanding. We extend significant trust to new team members and invest significant time in coaching new team members. In return we expect new team members to partner with us as sub-contractors for the first 12 months, to jointly invest sweat equity into pre-sales and sales activities, and to freely share knowledge and expertise.

If the collaboration is successful and enjoyable for both sides, you will be offered a permanent position in our team, and are on track to becoming a full partner in the business within another six years, with full director responsibilities and shareholder rights.

If you are ready to put your talents and passion to work in a collaborative, high-performance team, we would love to hear from you! Submit a cover letter along with your biography to, and we will be in touch.